Lyrical Lollipops

Candy Worlds

Sugary sweet the passage flows
Rainbow dancing ribbon curls 
Bubblegum floating miniature worlds
Spiral lollipop adventures unfurl

Silky smooth like chocolate streams 
Licorice ropes they twirl and bend
The dialogue found within my dreams
Creating sprinkled worlds of pretend

Join me down melted ice cream rivers
Whipped cream clouds gaze from above
From within my Sweet Tart heart to give
Is a decadent treat of marshmallow love. 


by Tami Snow
Late autumn ice, thin and shifting, summons me
Slack fisted, hands curl in light anticipation
Breathe, exhale, billowing languid smoke screens
The tide preparing change quickens reality
Destiny crumbles, immersing fate through shriveled leaves
Beckoning, wanting, and needing to be set free

So here it is I wait, pondering loss of comfort, O’ haunting season
That which once so vital, now degraded, hovering, collapsing
And here, and then, and again I wait, marveling at reason
For how am I to accept this madness, slithering in its departure
When how ravishingly the crackled frost, webs her treason
Homage to autumn, trembling, wrapping, consuming the tender
Embrace her cool breath, taking wing, her deep sigh embraces, filling me

Tattooed my Soul
by Tami Snow

Tribal like your tendrils capture
All that's contained this tender skin
Life-force trembling happy wanting
Drawing me to you from within
Sparrows fly my heart-filled rapture
Forever hypnotized by your gaze
Clinging deeply, willingly captured
My desire traverses easy days
Touch me will you with delicate fingers
Inject the ink that makes me yours
A soul tattooed will always linger
Always wanting, longing more

Deadly Kiss
by Tami Snow
So pretty, so delicate I will always remember
Sweetness dripping upon your tender cheek
And in your suffering my soul strings tremble
Scintillating purity that makes even angels weep       
I lay you upon fresh tilled fields of September
Pressing down your innocence into eternal sleep
Lips drinking all that tasted a thousand memories
So pliant, so yielding your mouth fills me beneath
Breathing in your liquid, unto my heart relinquish
While traveling into the calm effect of death you creep
Body once fluidic, dancing lifelong in its journey
Your soul in quivering format is now mine to keep

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