Monday, February 14, 2011

From My Heart to Yours

Happy Heart Day, Darlings.
When I think of love, not only do I ponder the satisfaction of giving love to our mates, but of the love we should be giving ourselves. For how can we love another, if not? Love you, your body and your soul. Take care of yourself. Treat yourself right. Be true to who you are in your heart. Follow your DREAMS. Believe.
Another thing that tends to sweep through my mind on a day such as this, those that suffer the absence of the one they love. And greater still, those that are fighting for our freedoms, separated from their sweethearts. I am posting a poem below that I wrote while my baby brother was away on his latest tour of duty in the Middle East. It is dedicated to his wife and all those that suffer through and sacrifice the absence of their darlings while away serving our country. I hope you enjoy the poem and the video I am posting in celebration of Valentine’s Day. After all, LOVE can move mountains, it can change our world.
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All of MY love.
Forever Yours,
A Million Times
A million times a day, I ponder your face, alternating flashes, dust and sweat streaked from battle and then quiet innocence consumed by slumber.
A million times a night, while lying in our silken sheets, I feel the ghost of your arms enfold me, knowing you lay immersed in desert sands with one eye open.
A million times a second, I long for the taste of your kisses, but taste only tears, aching for you to come home.
A million times a week, I gaze upon our children, your reflection bathed upon their faces, growing strong to an absence they should never bear.
A million times a morning, I wake to find my bed empty, waiting for you, wanting and longing for you to be there.


Brindle Chase said...

Beautiful poem, with equally profound sentiment, Tami!

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