Thursday, February 17, 2011

On the Subject of BANNING the "I ♥ boobies" Bracelets in Schools.

  • A comment on my Facebook page, in regards to my fund-raising efforts for the Keep-a-Breast Foundation, got me flustered. Although, the party said that Keep-a-Breast was a "great cause", in addition to this comment was the statement that they are trying to BAN the "I ♥ boobies" bracelets that are a trademark of this Foundation. And as such, I thought I'd share my response to the comment here in my blog, which is as follows:
    I recently read an article on the keep-a-breast website that talks about a two-year-old girl developing breast cancer.(You can read the article here) 4 yr old beats breast cancer This is an extremely sad thing. This disease touches so many, in so many ways. It is my "opinion" that if you are making children aware of boobies, even if, at the age they are, it is for "different reasons". At least they are aware, and paying attention. Early detection saves lives, even those of young children. The "I ♥ boobies" campaign is about education. They are doing doing a very good job of providing it. Even if it is controversial. For what better way is there to get the word out? This is simply my own view on things. I choose to love and appreciate my body. I think others should be accepting of themselves and others, as well.
    We encourage women to breast-feed in order to provide their children with proper nutrition. Why is this the only time boobs are okay? 
    Tsk, society.
    Love Yourself. Love Your Bodies. Love Your Boobies.
    Forever Yours,
    If you are interested in making a donation to my fund-raising campaign, please visit my fund-raising page at the link below.


D. Kristen said...

You are absolutely right, Tami. I ran up against this same type of fear as an HIV awareness advocate. Parents were so fearful of their children being taught about alternative families, disease education/prevention and, of course, sex. Only a couple of us bothered to review the outlined curriculum, which was entirely age appropriate and required consent anyway. I think these hang-ups in our culture are dangerous, because fear goes hand-in-hand with denial. Thank you for all you do to educate others and to champion this cause. Wonderful post. xo

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