Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh, I Could Sing. It's Almost Spring!!

There is something truly majestic, relishing in the colorful radiance of new life as it springs forth. Observing the rebirth of nature, newly formed blossoms unfurl their delicate petals to the warming sun, new shoots erupt from the thawing ground, warms my heart. It is my favorite time of the year.
I am thrilled to share the following works of poetry. Each celebrates the onset of spring in its own unique way. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Orchid of Spring

Light shimmers across her dew covered mound.
She arches up, eagerly reaching for the heat.
Her delicate folds open, soft and succulent,
A dawning more beautiful than the sun.
Her tepals spread, her labellum firm and waiting.

A drop of sweet nectar glistens across her anther.
She waits...

He comes to her; brash, insistent,
Buzzing through the morning light.
She lives for his touch, the feel of him within,
Brushing her tender column, stretching her,
Eager, ravenous, devouring her.

She rocks expectantly, shaking in her need.
She waits...

He mounts her, mouth pressing hard into her depths,
Hungrily licking, rubbing, reveling in her sweetness.
He lives for her, she is his nourishment,
Her soft, aromatic folds summon and entice him.
His world dissolves and there is only her, only now.

In a moment he is gone and again,
She waits...

A short one for March:


Days of metronomic plodding, by one by one.
one by one by one.
Making progress toward


Alan Gilbert

When first the tender buds appear
And winters grey is in decline,
The songbirds sing together songs
And bees return to columbine.
Along the kitchen garden wall
Clothed In veils of ivy green,
The final scarlet velvet bloom
Of winter Pansies may be seen.
Freshly th...awed the sodden earth
 Is dried beneath the early sun,
While on the bank are tiny prints
Of paws where baby rabbits run.
The debris twigs from winter storms
Are gathered by the nesting throng,
Like any mother nature finds
Means to make her children strong.
Buds and bees and paws and trees
Are signs that winters race is run,
Now out of time those frosted days
Give way to hope and birth and sun. 
Copyright©Alan Gilbert 2011.  

Write Hope is an amazing organization started by writers to provide assistance to the children of Japan that have been affected by the recent devastation of the tsunami. To find out more about how you can help, please visit their blog:


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