Monday, March 28, 2011

Party LLS Style!

We are tossing up artistic confetti on Lyrical Lip Service this week!! That's right, darlings, Lyrical Lip Service is LIVE on Fate Radio starting Wednesday, March 30th. Let the celebration begin!!

Lyrical Lip Service is blessed to feature the fabulous Jax Cassidy, photographer, author and artist extraordinaire.
I can’t say enough about the talents this woman possesses, and that is why I offer you the opportunity to hear it for yourself. Jax will be my guest this Wednesday, March 30th at 12:00 pm EST, live on
In addition to Jax Cassidy, I will be offering up a book review of Lipstick Laws, written by the talented young adult author, Amy Holder and reviewed by the lovely Cari from

Oh, and of course, I will be showing off the talents of a young photographer by the name of Cameron Dearborn. 

Next week’s guest on Lyrical Lip Service: Jentri Chancey, Indie Filmmaker. Check out her website:


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