Wednesday, April 6, 2011


A Poem by Tami Sue Snow

Once upon a time, her life felt whole
Colorfully placed puzzle pieces of her days
Fixed in perfect reflection of her soul
How tragically scattered, now they lay
And they wonder what's become of the girl.

Her voice rang out as warbling bird songs
Smiles broke free from the depths of her spirit
She laughed and she danced all the day long
Many wondered how life might be without her in it
Can you tell them, what's become of the girl?

Shadowed and dark her life soon became
Those that she loved failed to recognize
Deep into sorrow, heartache and pain
She buried her agony, hiding her cries
No one knows... what became of the girl.


gae polisner said...

this is beautiful, Tami.

Tami Snow said...

Thank you so much, Gae. It's a teeny bit sad, but we all have those days.

C. D. Bennett said...

It really is beautiful. There's such a tragic elegance to it...

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