Thursday, February 17, 2011

On the Subject of BANNING the "I ♥ boobies" Bracelets in Schools.

  • A comment on my Facebook page, in regards to my fund-raising efforts for the Keep-a-Breast Foundation, got me flustered. Although, the party said that Keep-a-Breast was a "great cause", in addition to this comment was the statement that they are trying to BAN the "I ♥ boobies" bracelets that are a trademark of this Foundation. And as such, I thought I'd share my response to the comment here in my blog, which is as follows:
    I recently read an article on the keep-a-breast website that talks about a two-year-old girl developing breast cancer.(You can read the article here) 4 yr old beats breast cancer This is an extremely sad thing. This disease touches so many, in so many ways. It is my "opinion" that if you are making children aware of boobies, even if, at the age they are, it is for "different reasons". At least they are aware, and paying attention. Early detection saves lives, even those of young children. The "I ♥ boobies" campaign is about education. They are doing doing a very good job of providing it. Even if it is controversial. For what better way is there to get the word out? This is simply my own view on things. I choose to love and appreciate my body. I think others should be accepting of themselves and others, as well.
    We encourage women to breast-feed in order to provide their children with proper nutrition. Why is this the only time boobs are okay? 
    Tsk, society.
    Love Yourself. Love Your Bodies. Love Your Boobies.
    Forever Yours,
    If you are interested in making a donation to my fund-raising campaign, please visit my fund-raising page at the link below.

Monday, February 14, 2011

From My Heart to Yours

Happy Heart Day, Darlings.
When I think of love, not only do I ponder the satisfaction of giving love to our mates, but of the love we should be giving ourselves. For how can we love another, if not? Love you, your body and your soul. Take care of yourself. Treat yourself right. Be true to who you are in your heart. Follow your DREAMS. Believe.
Another thing that tends to sweep through my mind on a day such as this, those that suffer the absence of the one they love. And greater still, those that are fighting for our freedoms, separated from their sweethearts. I am posting a poem below that I wrote while my baby brother was away on his latest tour of duty in the Middle East. It is dedicated to his wife and all those that suffer through and sacrifice the absence of their darlings while away serving our country. I hope you enjoy the poem and the video I am posting in celebration of Valentine’s Day. After all, LOVE can move mountains, it can change our world.
Give it <3 Share it <3
All of MY love.
Forever Yours,
A Million Times
A million times a day, I ponder your face, alternating flashes, dust and sweat streaked from battle and then quiet innocence consumed by slumber.
A million times a night, while lying in our silken sheets, I feel the ghost of your arms enfold me, knowing you lay immersed in desert sands with one eye open.
A million times a second, I long for the taste of your kisses, but taste only tears, aching for you to come home.
A million times a week, I gaze upon our children, your reflection bathed upon their faces, growing strong to an absence they should never bear.
A million times a morning, I wake to find my bed empty, waiting for you, wanting and longing for you to be there.

Friday, February 4, 2011

CoCo Saves the Winter Snow

By: Tami Snow

Once upon a Winter's Eve, not so long ago,
Jack Frost flew swiftly through the air, casting ice upon the world below.
When out of a tiny window blew, a fragrance oh so sweet,
he decided to have a look, and floated down to take a peek.

Through the crackled window pane, Jack opened it up wide;
Old Man Winter took a breath, the air it whirled inside.
As the bitter chill flurried in, a couple snuggled up,
and left upon the table there a steaming cocoa cup.

From winter’s freezing exhale, the magic twirled about,
around and over the whipped creamy top, a tiny Fairy then flew out.
She said, “Hi!  My name is CoCo.  How are you this fine day?”
Jack Frost, he blushed a scarlet red and invited her to play.

His hand she grabbed in hers real hard, she giggled and he laughed,
and then the two, hand-in-hand sprang through the glacial draft.
Up, up, and away they climbed within the blustery breeze,
until deciding to take a rest on the branch of an old pine tree.

And as they looked out at the world, and the dried brown earth below,
she turned her head and then she asked, “Hey Jack, where is the snow?”
He then looked out to follow her gaze, with a deep and pain-filled sigh,
Jack bowed his head into his hands and then began to cry.

“Winter Snow was kidnapped for a selfish reason;
the Arctic King wanted her this shivering-cold Holiday Season.”
“We will save her,” CoCo cried, her voice topped with glee.
“I know the way,” said Jack, “Come on, and follow me.”

Over Candy Cane fields, sugar hills, and rolling cookie dough,
they were off on their quest to find Winter Snow.
To the Arctic the two must fly, as swiftly as they can,
“Wait!” said Jack to CoCo. “We must have a plan.”

“On tip-toe we’ll go into his cave, and slowly we will creep.
We’ll give him magic Gum Drops so he will fall asleep.”
Tip-toe they did, their voices near a whisper,
and in the corner there she sat, Winter Snow, all a-glister.

“You found me!” she beamed.  Her voice was all bubbles.
“Thank you for going through all of that trouble.”
 At them he came, the Arctic King all a-fluster,
and they ran and they hid with what strength they could muster.

“Where did you go?” the frosty King boomed.
There seemed no way out.  The friend’s hearts filled with gloom.
“Don’t worry,” said CoCo.  “This all will be simple.”
Then she winked and she smiled, and on her cheek was a dimple.

She flitted from hiding, chocolate eyes all a-glowing.
“Excuse me, your Highness, but winter’s not the same without snowing.”
His eyes were ablaze with an anger so dire,
they swirled and they flamed, and they churned with orange fire.

In that very moment, CoCo had a bright thought,
rushed up to the King, fear-filled she was not.
Wrapping her tiny arms around him so tight,
a warm hug she gave to him.  The action seemed right.

He coughed and he sputtered, and his face was amazed.
In fact, he looked shocked, and completely dazed.
“Why did you do that?” he asked with confusion.
“Forgive us, your Highness, for this unwelcome intrusion.”

“We mean you no ill-will,” she said with a bow,
“but it’s very important Winter Snow come with us now.”
He thought for a second, his forehead crunched up wrinkly,
then looked down at CoCo, in his eyes a-bright twinkling.

“No one on earth has ever shown me such kindness.
You are a very brave soul,” said to CoCo his Highness.
They zoomed from the deep Arctic realm in a hurry.
Dancing pirouettes in the air, Winter Snow blew her flurries. 

So when it is snowing below from above,
let your heart sing, be happy, and remember – give love.
The moral of this story, as you all should know,
is that Winter just isn’t the same without Winter Snow

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